Gina is a Costume Concept Artist and Illustrator belonging to the Costume Designers Guild: IATSE Local 892 in Los Angeles, CA. She is also a Costume Designer and Research Historian for Fashion. She loves to explore new projects and work within a wide variety of costume design genres: film, television, commercial, theatre, opera, dance, and editorial.

Gina received her BFA in Costume Design from Boston University and  her MFA in Costume Design at Carnegie Mellon University.

She has worked with companies in Los Angeles, New York City, Pittsburgh, and Boston. Including but not limited to Netflix, Fox Studios, NBC International, Smuggler Inc., Camelot Communications, City Theatre Company, Boston Center for American Performance, Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, PMI Films, Fifth Floor Theatre Co, TomTom Theatre Company, La Luna Productions, Parsons-Meares Ltd, and Gabes.

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